A Farm Life unfolded...

My name is Missy, I live a blessed life on a ranch in Oklahoma. Life on the ranch features me in a variety of roles, a mom, a wife, a friend to humans and all my ranch babies, a full time ranch hand, and in my spare time I love to make jewelry, wood crafts & more.
My day starts as the rooster crows which happens long before the sun comes up, and it ends long after the cows come home for the night. I enjoy every minute of it. My most prized time of my day is of course with my ranch husband John and my daughter Ally.
My husband recently retired to run our ranch for health purposes after 25 years of a high level stress environment. I am ever so grateful to have him here to help run things full time. I am blessed beyond measure that he is on his way to better health.
Our youngest daughter will be graduating this May, last one of 4 to leave our nest. Our 2 oldest are grown & married and we are proud grandparents of 1 granddaughter, twin grandsons, and 2 additional grandsons. God is so good to us!
I favor in creativity to things that are rustic and country chic, but have been working to get out of my comfort zone and would love to work on custom pieces for you. We live simple, we pray together, and we are thankful to have you a part of our lives. May God Bless and keep you always!

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